Education Works, Inc is a nonprofit organization that provides a complete adult education program, with emphasis on CASAS testing, G.E.D. instruction, adult literacy, and job readiness. Our experienced instructors are highly effective in assisting participants with G.E.D. preparedness. 


1. You had a child.
2. You had to take care of family.
3. You wanted to work.
4. You wanted to have fun.


1. You have a child.
2. You need to take care of family.
3. You want a better job/position.
4. You want to enjoy life.

We are here to help you get the education that you want and deserve.

We are here to help every step of the way.






Born and raised in Washington, D. C., Mrs. Redd attended Howard University, where she majored in Elementary Education. Upon graduation, she began her teaching career in the D. C. Public Schools, first as a math teacher, and then, a classroom teacher. Because she realized the importance of education, there were always two guiding forces that influenced her: continue her own education, and educate those students who sat in front of her.


For those two reasons, Mrs. Redd continued to increase her own skills and knowledge through professional training at George Washington University, Trinity College and Howard University. These courses included best practices in teaching, curriculum planning and knowledge in the various disciplines. The classes which helped Mrs. Redd relate the real world to the students’ lives and how to facilitate students understanding of their environment were the most interesting to her.


This caused her to incorporate trips and other hands-on experiences in daily lessons. As a result, students’ intellectual growth and development were evidenced by annual standardized test scores. After teaching in the D. C. Public Schools for thirty-four years, Mrs. Redd retired and thought she was finished teaching. However, when the opportunity arose to teach in an adult education program at Prince George’s County Community College, she eagerly returned to the classroom. Soon, it became evident that Mrs. Redd should establish an adult education program called Education Works, Inc.


This nonprofit organization offers free classes to adults who have not completed high school, but want to obtain their diploma. It is her goal and desire to be a driving force and a personal help to those who truly want to increase their knowledge and begin to change their lives as a result of receiving a Maryland State High School Diploma.

Andrea Chichester

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Andrea Chichester has always valued education, and she knew from an early age that she wanted to use education as a means of changing lives. Having attended one of the top schools in Washington, DC, Andrea recognized the huge discrepancy between the educational and employment opportunities afforded the upper-class citizens and those available to lower and lower-middle-class citizens. She decided to focus her professional energies on helping at-risk populations to recognize these discrepancies and to empower themselves to seek the knowledge and nurture the self-esteem that would allow them to improve their circumstances.


Mrs. Chichester has served as an administrator and instructor in multiple adult education programs in Washington, DC; she has now turned her attention to the need for adult education services in Prince Georges County, Maryland.